August 2, 2016 Newton County Sample Ballot







Newton County Candidate Fair-Thursday May 26th 6:30pm

The 2016 Newton County Republican Candidate Fair, hosted by the Newton County Republican Central Committee, will be held Thursday, May 26th at the Wright Conference Room in the Farber Building of Crowder College, 601 Laclede Blvd, Neosho, MO 64850.  Doors will open at 6:30PM. The program begins at 7PM.

Candidates for the contested county offices in the August 2, 2016 Republican primary election are the Newton County Commissioner District 1 (Alan Cook and Kevin Pruitt), Newton County Commissioner District 2 (Jim Jackson and Lucas Thogmartin), Sheriff (Richard Leavens, Chris Jennings, Craig Davis, and Mike Langland) Assessor (Cheryle Perkins and Tami Owens), Coroner (to be determined), and Surveyor (Jerry D. Wood and James Loncarich).  Senator Ron Richard will also give an end of session report on the General Assembly. 

Each contested candidate will have their own table for campaign materials and meeting voters.  During the program, candidates will address the attendees for 3 minutes each; subject to timekeeper.  Candidates will speak in the order they appear on the ballot (incumbents will have the option to speak last).

Newton County Coroner Mark Bridges withdrew as a candidate for reelection late Wednesday afternoon May 11th.  Newton County residents, who meet the qualifications below, may file to be a candidate for coroner with the Newton County Clerk through the close of business on Wednesday May 18th. MO Revised Statutes 58.030. No person shall be elected or appointed to the office of coroner unless he be a citizen of the United States, over the age of twenty-one years, and shall have resided within the state one whole year, and within the county for which he is elected, six months next preceding the election. Once filing closes, Republican candidates for coroner will be invited to participate in the candidate fair.

All interested Republicans from Newton County are invited to attend the Newton County Republican Candidate Fair.  Please invite your friends and neighbors to attend. 



Nick Myers, Chairman,

Newton County Republican Central Committee 





Newton County Caucus April 9, 2016 Saturday

The Newton County Caucus will be held this Saturday, April 9, 2016 at the Lampo Building located at 500 East Spring Street -Neosho, MO 64850. Registration begins at 9AM. The caucus will convene 10AM after registration.
The delegates we elect at the Newton County caucus will vote at the 7th Congressional District and Missouri State conventions to elect national delegates and alternates, by slate, to the Republican National Convention to be held July 18-21 in Cleveland, Ohio.

At the Newton County caucus, we will elect 22 delegates and 22 alternates, by slate, one slate for each of the following conventions:
7th Congressional District - April 30, 2016 convening at 10AM-pending location

Missouri State Convention
– May 20-21, 2016– Branson Convention Center.

The 7th Congressional District Convention will elect 3 national delegates and 3 alternates who are bound by the March 15 Presidential primary results to vote for Ted Cruz on the first ballot at the national convention.

The Missouri State Convention will elect 9 national delegates and 9 alternates who are bound by the March 15 Presidential primary results to vote for Donald Trump on the first ballot. The convention will also adopt the Missouri Republican Platform. (see below for a link to the draft platform).

Only strong and faithful Republican voters, residing and registered to vote in Newton County, shall be allowed to participate in the caucus. Residents must show a photo identification to be allowed to vote at the caucus. All Newton County Caucus attendees will need to be credentialed at the Lampo Building Saturday morning before 10AM. Plan to arrive early.

Nick Myers, Chairman
Newton County Republican Central Committee Chairman

The Agenda for the Caucus follows:


1. Call to Order.
The Central Committee Chair or the Chair’s designee shall serve as the Temporary Chair. He/She may briefly welcome and provide introductory information about the Caucus (including recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance and an Invocation).

2. Reading of portions of the Call to Convention. A temporary Secretary may read pertinent sections of the Missouri Republican State Committee’s 2016 Call to Convention.

3. Certification of list of qualified voters. The Credentials Committee shall report to the Secretary those individuals present and qualified to vote at the Caucus. The Chair shall announce the number of qualified voters.

4. Election of Caucus Chair. The Temporary Chair shall conduct an election of a Caucus Chair who will immediately assume the chair. For this vote and all subsequent votes of the entire Caucus, the Chair may conduct a voice vote or show of hands vote. After the Chair declares the vote outcome, if no more than five voters rise to request a division of the vote, the Chair’s decision is final. The Chair may appoint such other officers, as is necessary.

5. Election of Caucus Secretary. The Caucus Chair shall conduct an election of a Caucus Secretary.

6. Election of Delegates and Alternates. Election shall take place to determine Delegates and Alternates to the Congressional District Convention(s) and Delegates and Alternates to the State Convention. In accord with the rules adopted by the Missouri Republican Party, the caucus shall elect delegates and alternates by slate. (See link below for complete rules). Only full and complete slates of both Delegates and Alternates composed entirely of registered voters in the local caucus area will be considered. To be considered full, the name, address, city, and ZIP code of each proposed delegate or alternate must be provided. Nominated slates found to be in proper order shall be presented to the caucus body for a vote. If a slate receives a majority of votes cast, that slate shall be elected. If no slate receives a majority of votes cast, the Caucus Chairman shall place before the caucus the two slates that received the most votes. The slate receiving the most votes in the second round of voting shall be elected[W1]. No person shall be nominated or listed on any slate without his or her prior approval. A person does not have to be present to be nominated or listed on a slate.

7. Platform Discussion. The Caucus Chair shall ask for any additions, deletions, or changes to the Missouri Republican Party’s proposed platform. All suggested amendments must be typed or printed and include the name, signature, registered voting address, and telephone number of the person submitting the motion. Only suggestions receiving a majority vote of the caucus will be forwarded to the Missouri Republican State Committee’s Platform Committee and the Congressional District Convention(s) of the local caucus area.

8. Adjournment.
Related items of interest – See below
For an online copy of the caucus rules as mandated by the MO GOP see link below:
For an online copy of the 2016 draft platform as adopted by the MO GOP see link below: Note that platform amendments may be forwarded to theMay 21, 2016 State Convention from the county caucus and the congressional district conventions. The platform will be adopted in final form, after consideration of amendments, by the delegates at the May 21, 2016 State Convention.
For an online copy of the MOGOP call to convention and related election year items use the links below: CALL TO CONVENTION DELEGATE ELECTION GUIDE LOCAL RULES DRAFT 2016 MO GOP PLATFORM NOMINATION PROCESS GUIDE

Missouri GOP announces tentative national delegate allocation tally as of March 16, 2016
Following the Missouri presidential preference primary, the Missouri Republican Party announced the party’s tentative national convention delegate allocation tally.

Because no candidate won more than 50% of the votes cast, Missouri’s 52 delegates were allocated to the top vote-getter in each Congressional District with a bonus to the top vote-getter statewide.

The following candidates won delegates in Missouri: Donald Trump: 37 (12 for the statewide win, 5 each for Congressional Districts 1, 2, 3, 6 & 8)
Ted Cruz: 15 (5 each for Congressional Districts 4, 5, and 7)
These results are tentative, pending certification of the primary results by the Missouri Secretary of State.




Results of a Presidential Straw Poll conducted at the Newton County Republican Central Committee meeting on Tuesday, January 26, 2016 are below.. 

Those casting ballots included thirty-four committee members and their guests.

Ted Cruz------------11---32%
Donald Trump------10---29%
Marco Rubio ---------5---15%
Ben Carson ----------4---12%
John Kasich ----------2--- 6%
Carly Fiorina ---------1--- 3%
Oliver North----------1--- 3%


Newton County Republican Governors Debate 


8PM Tonight Gov. Debate/ KZRG broadcast of Saturday's Neosho Debate

Fellow Republicans:

KZRG will broadcast a recording of Saturday's Republican Governor Debate at 8pm Tonight on 1310 am and 102.9 fm.  You may also listen to the broadcast on the internet at KZRG's website:

on your desk top--click the gray "LISTEN LIVE" button in upper right hand quadrant

on your iPhone--click "MENU" then "Listen Live"

The Newton County Republican Central Committee’s 
Gubernatorial Debate & Annual Free Bean Feed had over 320 attendees.  We heard from four excellent candidates for Governor. Thanks to Sen. Ron Richard for supporting the event,  Black Dog Productions for sound and recording, KZRG for broadcasting, Moderator Gene Koester, Time Keeper Judge Greg Stremel,  Neosho Middle School, Neosho High School FFA for catering, Neosho High School AFJROTC Color Gaurd, the Republican Women of Newton County for the silent auction, Jim Leivens for the live auction, JeAnna McGarrah & Chris Slinkard for the rifle auction,  and all our volunteers for making this an informative,fun and exciting event. Thanks to Gina Rodriguez, Lenora Hyder, Chris Slinkard, Susan Taylor, Chris Wade for planning the event. Thanks to Scott Wade, Jenny Childers, Cheryle Perkins, Gwen Delano, Devon Linch, Cameron Linch, Skyler Ross, John Verstraete, Victoria Myers, Holly Snow and Doug Lawson for their help the day and evening of the event. 

Please see the Neosho Daily News and Joplin Globe articles covering the event.



Nick Myers, Chairman
Newton County Central Committee


2015 Gov. Debate-Bean Feed Presidential Straw Poll Results

"Who would you choose to be the next President of the United States of America?" 

102 valid Straw Poll ballots were collected at the Newton County Gov. Debate-Bean Feed. The results are listed from highest% to lowest% below.


Ben Carson 47%

Ted Cruz 27%

Donald Trump 11%

Marco Rubio 9%

Rand Paul 3%

Jeb Bush 1%

Chris Christie 1%

Carly Fiorina 1% 




Republican Candidate Gubernatorial Debate will be featured at Annual Free Bean Feed.



The Newton County Republican Central Committee’s Republican Candidate Gubernatorial Debate & Annual Free Bean Feed is scheduled for Saturday, November 7th at the Neosho Middle School Cafeteria 1400 Hale-McGinty Drive, Neosho, MO 64850. Doors open at 6:00PM and the buffet line will start at 6:30PM. This is a free event, but a ticket will be required in order to ensure enough seating. 

Republican candidates for Governor that have confirmed their attendance include: John Brunner, Bob Dixon, Catherine Hanaway and Peter Kinder. Moderator for the debate is Gene Koester, Principal of McAuley High School.

Catering is being provided by the Neosho High School Future Farmers of America. Also free of charge (provided by Sen. Ron Richard), will be ice cream made in Newton County by All Aboard Ice Cream.

The Republican Women of Newton County will be hosting a silent auction at the Free Bean Feed. For details on how to drop off donations for the silent auction please call Chris Wade at 417-850-8881.

Seating will be limited, if you plan to attend, please obtain your ticket by calling Nick Myers at 417-623-2214 (Joplin) or Gina Rodriguez at 417-825-4825 (Neosho). 

For directions to the Neosho Middle School: Take Exit 24 off I-49, head East on U.S. 60 for .4 miles, turn North at 1st Light at Kodiak Rd. , then follow the signs.



Nick Myers, Chairman,

Newton County Republican Central Committee 




Newton County Republican Right to Work Resolution

On Monday, August 31, 2015, the Newton County Republican Central Committee adopted by unanimous voice vote, a Right to Work Resolution.

“WHEREAS, currently, tens of thousands of Missouri workers are forced to pay a fee to a labor union just to get or keep their jobs; and

WHEREAS, the overwhelming majority of Missourians are opposed to forced unionism; and

WHEREAS, passage of a Missouri Right to Work law would end once and for all the collection of forced union dues as a condition of employment in Missouri; and

WHEREAS, PHH Fantus, the nation’s longtime leading business relocation firm, reported that at least half of all companies looking to expand or relocate automatically eliminate states without Right to Work laws; and

WHEREAS, over the past decade, private sector payroll employment increased by 9.9% in Right to Work states, yet only a mere 1.6% here in Missouri; and

WHEREAS, over the past decade, real personal income in Right to Work states grew by nearly 22%, but less than half that here in Missouri; and

WHEREAS, real personal income in right-to-work states rose nearly twice as much as in other states in an extended period from 1970-2013; and

WHEREAS, from a moral, economic and Liberty standpoint -- passage of a Right to Work law would be good for Missouri’s workers and economy; and

WHEREAS, the many legislators who supported Right to Work during its successful passage through the General Assembly should be commended for standing up for our economy and for the rights of Missouri’s workers; and

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that in the interest of individual workers’ freedoms, more jobs, and our state’s economy, the Newton County Republican Central Committee supports enactment of a Right to Work law in Missouri.”

Here is a link to the Right to Work Bill (HB116) that was vetoed by Governor Nixon.The bill is subject to override during the September 15 Missouri General Assembly veto session. 



The Republican Central Committee and The Republican Women of Newton County hosted event in Neosho's Scenic Big Spring Park Tuesday evening. Thank you to Gina Rodriguez, Scott and Chris Wade, Bill and Tammy Thogmartin, Cheryl Perkins, Rodney Griffin, Sen. Ron Richard, Gwen Delano, Ben and Naomi Baker, Family Market, Lenora Hyder, Susan Taylor, Chris Slinkard for their help in making the event a success.


Elected officials up for re-election in 2016 participated in the invocation, led by Judge Tim Perigo, and Pledge of Allegiance, led by Rep. Bill Reiboldt.


Missouri State Senator Ron Richard was the featured speaker.  Additional guest speakers were candidates seeking nomination as Republicans for Statewide Office in 2016.  Republican candidates for Missouri Governor: Randy Asbury, John Brunner, State Senator Bob Dixon, Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder;

Lt. Governor: State Senator Mike Parson, Bev Randles;

Secretary of State: Jay Ashcroft, State Senator Will Kraus;

State Treasurer: State Senator Eric Schmitt; and

Attorney General: Joshua Hawley, State Senator Kurt Schaefer;

Judge Greg Stremel served as the time keeper for the event.


A presidential straw poll was available to those in attendance.  For results of the Newton County Fair/Watermelon Feed Straw Poll, please see our separate post.