• August 7, 2012 Primary Election.
  • October 10, 2012 Last day to register to voter in General Election.
  • November 6, 2012 General Election.

Sample Ballot August 7, 2012 Election, New Rep.Districts, and Polling Places 

Sample Ballot August 7th, 2012 Primary Election 

Below are two links to our  sample ballots for the August 7th, 2012 Primary. One is for County Commissioner Districts 1 and the other is for County Commissioner District 2. There maybe other differences based on Sate Representative districts or Silvercreek/Joplin Annex

District 1 

The following is the ballot for voters in living in Precincts in District 1: Diamond, Granby, Hornet, Newtonia, Reding, Ritchey, Staples East, Staples West, Staples #21, Staples #27, Thurman, and Wentworth.


District 2

The following is the ballot for voters living in Precincts in District 2: Crowder, Fairview, East Neosho, West Neosho, Neosho #1, Neosho #2, Neosho #3, Neosho #4, Seneca, Stella, and Westview.


New State Rep. Districts 

Below are the precincts for the new State Representative districts for the August 7, 2012 election. The state rep. districts were redrawn by the Appellate Apportionment Commission.


Rep. District 159 (Bill Lant

Crowder, Fairview, Newtonia, Ritchey, Seneca, Stella, Wentworth (part), and Westview

Rep. District 160 (Bill Reiboldt

Diamond (part) East Neosho, Granby, Hornet, Neosho 1,2,3,4,  Reding (part), Staples West (part), Thurman (part) Wentworth (part) and West Neosho

Rep. District 161 (William "Bill" White 

Reding (part), Staples East, Staples West (part), Staples 21, Staples 27, and Thurman (part) 

Rep. District 162 (Charlie Davis 

Diamond (part) 


Polling Places for the August 7, 2012 Primary Link


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Missouri Republican State Convention  

 The Missouri Republican State Convention was held on June 1-2, at the University Plaza Hotel and Convention Center in Springfield, MO.  Delegates that were chosen at the county level voted on a slate of 25 at-large delegates and alternates to the National Convention and 2 at-large presidential electors.

The results of the State Convention can be found at:


The 2012 Missouri Republican Party Platform:


The results of the Congressional Conventions can be found at:




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